Another Blog, Another Horror?

So this is it, finally. A new blog from me, Henrik Sandbeck Harksen. My old one (almost identical in title) died almost two years ago. Time for a resurrection–and a move to a new address, with new clothes. And quite a facelift. After all–we can’t have things smelling too much of death around here, can we, horror buff blog or not?;-)

For now I will only write a brief Introductory Remark, to set out the most basic groundrules I set up for myself here on this blog. If you plan to read this blog in the future it is good for you to know, and in any case it is rather important for me to know (and remember!).

I am publisher of the H. Harksen Productions small press, with a particular (some would add, “and peculiar”) interest in all things Lovecraftian. Most of my publications are either Lovecraftian or in the Cthulhu Mythos vein. Yes, as you can see I divide the Mythos from the Lovecraftian. I will probably say a word or two about it here, but for now let’s just say I belong in the camp of people who think that is the most correct way of seeing things. I do not, however, say that there can be no satisfying read from a Mythos tale. I certainly think there can be–and that is one of the reasons I also look for stories with dread tomes and tentacled, eldritch monsters, and not just philosophically bended tales of dread, where existential bleakness drips from every page.

I relish in both kind of stories. As a reader as well as publisher.

This blog will be a soapbox where I speak up on all things relating to my publications, and where, from time to time, you can read interviews with authors, illustrators, and hopefully also a variety of other colorful people with a deeply felt fascination and love for the weird tale and H. P. Lovecraft.

It will also be a blog where I simply share my thoughts on writing, editing, typesetting, reading, the publishing industry, music, hobbies (yes, I do have other hobbies than publishing horror stories, believe it or not), philosophy (my main interest in HPL actually lies there), Android, so-called “real life” etc.

You get the picture.

I realize, of course, that as of this writing I do not have many readers (close to none, I guess), but I hope that I write something that may turn out to be interesting to you–and I look forward to reading your comments, and engage in discussion. In other words, I have a hope that the “you” I am writing to soon turns out to be a real person sitting in front of a computer screen somewhere else in the world, and not an imaginary “you”;-)

I will write something on this blog at least once a week. No later than on a Monday. Sometimes short updates, other times longer posts. Just like other bloggers’ writings it will be mostly “shooting from the hip” posts, so errors will sneak in from time to time; more so since I am not a native speaker or writer of English.

I am Dane and live in Denmark. I publish books for the English/International market as well as for the Danish market. Books for the latter market are, not surprisingly, in Danish. I know that most Danes can read English quite well (and write it well enough), so most of this blog will be in English. It is the Internet, after all, where borders no longer matter–and English is the new International Language. However, when a post is pertaining to a subject that is somehow specifically Danish it will be written in Danish. Examples of this: When I write exclusively about a new, Danish publication or an interview with  a Danish author (unless he has also published Internationally, of course, in which case English would make most sense to use). I have a suspicion you will quickly discern when that is the case…;-)

Anyway, that was it for now. Coming up: Words re. the latest Danish publication, De underjordiske (yeps, that’s a Danish one, hehe), by Thomas Strømsholt, and Hex Code and Others by John Mayer, as well as the non-fiction, A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos by John. D. Haefele–two publications that will break through the dark and enter the world in the near future.

In the Lovecraftian Ways,


P. S. Forgive the meager links, categories etc. to the right here on the blog. I am new to WordPress, but I will add relevant matter, piece by piece, as the blog starts to crawl into a real, hideous life-like state of being…


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