Writing in the Dark Under A Poet’s Moon

Well, well, well… Time sure flies, and here I am again, typing away on the keyboard, this time improvising what to write. Already about a week ago since last I wrote a post here, eh? Really?

Time flies, and time waits for nobody. Isn’t that what they say? A great idea for a story–and a good horror writer could extricate a fine tale of dread from that idea… As it has been done through the years. And I suppose that it is a theme that underlies a majority of horror tales, explicitly or implicitly. Because it is an idea that is intimately linked with the notion of death. Whether we’re talking about dead as the Ultimate Ending to Life, existential emptiness, as a metaphor for loss of innocence etc., etc.

I am impressed by writers who can weave a truly captivating tale of horror around such “heavy”, philosophical (and, at times, religious) themes. Like many a reader, though, I also enjoy stories that are “merely” great fun to read (as fun as a story tagged “horror” can be). And it seems that I have been offered the opportunity to participate in the creation of a round robin story that, in all likelihood, will be a story that leans toward the entertaining rather than the bleak, philosophical kind.

Oh boy, am I thrilled to be part of that!

Since I do not yet know how “official” this collaboration is I will not at this point mention author names, but only tell you that we’re talking about a tale we will be composing in the spirit of the round robin tradition in which Grandpa & his weird tales gang thrived. For fun. And this will be fun too. We are nine people who have responded to a Dark Call over on Facebook, and the first chapter has been written, by the first author. It was a fun, riveting first chapter to read–and now the pen has been handed over to me, and I must start the fascinating–and no doubt it will turn out to be frustrating too–process of weaving a chapter that not only brings something new, fresh & (hopefully) captivating, but also in some way links logically to what happened in the first chapter as well as including that elusive “something” that can point toward chapter three, for the next author to pick up and magically transform with his imagination…

Yes, it is a Lovecraftian tale, in some way (perhaps it will turn out to be more a Cthulhu Mythos tale? Who knows?), and yes, it does take place, at least initially, at a quite well-known location invented by Grandpa. But that’s about it, really. Nothing else is decided, and I really like that.

Of course, this kind of tales more often than not are no more than entertaining reads. (Why, you ask? Well, because it is written by several authors, with different voices/writing styles, and often there is no clear, overall objective in terms of plot, characters etc., the story more or less improvised as the writers type away on their keyboard; so this kind of story often ends up somewhat uneven in nature.) And so what? Who said that all stories need to aim at becoming Great Literature (whatever that is, anyway)?

What’s important, I think, is that an author is true to himself, and writes what he wants to write, what he feels like writing. Some times that is deeply disturbing, serious tales; some times it is tales inspired by something read in the day’s newspaper (or gleaned online); and some times it is a story written simply for the heck of it… For fun.

Admittedly, I may not be able to stay 100% clear of Death, or other philosophical matter… But how, since I am also in the mood for something more light? Hm… I feel like writing… hm… Yeah, I can sense the dark creativity flowing in my veins now… I think I may have the loonie quoting Great Poets in an seemingly random manner (perhaps the chapter should be called “Under A Poet’s Moon”?), while rambling away about weird things happening if we are not careful and stay silent, and he is babbling on about philosophy (Death?), religion(s?), literature (pulp?), poetry, art–and oh no, we must not (must not!) play that foul musick… And then Someone approaches, a mysterious, dreadful Someone who knows who the loonie is…. And the excited, curious Reader will then realize who we have in front of us… Perhaps time did wait, this time, with horrible implications?… And… and…

On to the next chapter;-)

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