The Horror… THE HORROR!!!

Nothing beats a subject title like that, right?:-P

It is not just a corny eye-catcher, though. There is a reason I decided to use that title. You see–we are moving. My wife, our daughter and cat are moving… The details are a little too complicated to write about here, but the essence is that for a little while it will have an influence on everything I do, incl. publishing.

Let me cut to the chase: It has the effect that for the next month or two I will not have time to work on any new projects. There is a lot of work to be done with the new, expanded home demanding my attention when I am not at work. (Please remember that my publishing venue is done in what “free time” I have.) Add to that that in all likelihood there will be problems with the Internet connection for a while, since there are changes in that vital area as well, and you have a fair picture of why I cry “The horror… THE HORROR!!!”

Projects to be directly influenced are:

  • John D. Haefele: A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos (hc, non-fiction)
  • John Mayer: Hex Code and Others (hc, fiction)
  • Paul Mackintosh: Musical Box of Wonders (tpb, poetry)

I do not yet have a publishing date for these fine books, but they will all be published early 2011 (hopefully the first one will see print in January, but it may turn out to be February). I am very sorry about this setback, and apologize to readers as well as the authors–but some times Life gets in the way of how one would prefer things to be done. And the opportunity of getting a larger place for my family was an unexpected turn of events that was too good not to accept.

When the dust from all the upheaval and change has settled there will be some light, though. Quite some, in fact. You see–I will finally have an office (an office, only for me) at home wherefrom dreadful horrors can be created on stormy nights and sent out into the void commonly referred to as “the World”!

In the end, I am sure, it will all turn out for the better… Okay, perhaps not for the World at large (feel free to insert fake evil laughter), but for the publications from H. Harksen Productions.


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