Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

Some of you may not be aware of this but I also pen horror stories from time to time. I don’t “just” publish them.

I have a weird sort of problem with that combination. Writing & publishing. You see–if I decide to publish one of my own stories in one of the anthologies from H. Harksen Productions there are probably a bunch of people who will say that’s just the easy way of getting published. A sort of vanity publishing, since it is through my own imprint and with no second opinion to weight in if my story is really any good.

So I am sort of damned if I do, aren’t I? Publish it.

But what if I feel the story actually has merit for inclusion in one of my own publications? What if–yes, the vanity, the vanity–my honest-to-the-Old-Ones gut feeling sense of quality tells me a particular story is actually good enough to be included, eh? Of course, it will depend on the standard already laid out by all other stories to be included in the collection. But if it’s measured along those lines I am tempted to think that it is reasonable and acceptable for me to include such a tale, if it turns out to be good enough. Self-publishing or not.

I do not publish Lovecraftian (and the occasional other kinds of weird tales) to have an outlet for my own tales (believe it or not), I do it because I want to publish good, solid stories written by other, way more talented, writers.

But what if, by some odd chance, a story of mine turns out to be of an acceptable quality?

Rusty urban life; references to Nick Cave, the Bat Out of Hell universe and weird writers; bizarre murders and sex rituals in the shadows of looming, decayed buildings; drugs; dirt & smoke; estrangement and oddball friendships; nightclubs; people going crazy with blood running down their bodies and a call from the dark heart of the City itself beckoning…

Yeah. There is something there… Back to work on “Night Life” (working title).

First off, of course, I need to complete the story, hehe;-)

The Call is Answered!

I am thrilled to announce that submissions for my forthcoming Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities are already showing up in my Inbox. That’s wonderful!

So far only one has received a definite acceptance… And truth be told, that one was received a little while before the official call for submissions, thanks to the e-jungle drums… But now I want to share the good news with you all. Perhaps it can even inspire more writers to submit their gruesome tale set in the harsh shadows of the cityscape.

Joseph Pulver, Sr.’s short story “the guilt of each… at the end…” is a brilliant piece of truly urban horror. With a dash of the Lovecraftian, a touch of pulp and, of course, the ever-present yellow madness;-) I am proud and honored to say this disturbing tale is the first that has been accepted for this collection. A sign that we’re talking high quality stories already. A good sign for things to come.

Pulver doesn’t need much introduction, of course, since he has already carved himself a well-deserved place in the annals of modern-day weird tales. He is among the best, not to mention a nice, charming guy. In any case, you can read his blog here: http://thisyellowmadness.blogspot.com/ (I will put a permanent link on my blog when I get around to updating the links. Promise). You can find his critically acclaimed collections, Sin and Ashes and Blood Will Have Its Season on Amazon (of course) or you can decide to go straight to the site of these two collections’ wonderful publisher and buy the goods, if for some reason you have not done so already: http://www.hippocampuspress.com/ . A site where you can also find a lot of other great, great books pertaining to the Lovecraftian, btw. I’d say that after the demise of Necronomicon Press (and, before then, Arkham House, which is not at the strength it once was, unfortunately), Hippocampus Press is the Lovecraftian publisher of ’em all.

Want to join the ride? Go ahead and submit a story–yours might be the next I am looking for:


(Just so you know it: As much as I’d love to, these days I cannot respond as fast as I did with Mr. Pulver’s tale, so expect neither acceptance nor rejection before the Deadline has been reached. I am too swamped to do so, unfortunately. I’ll respond as soon as I possibly can.)

Call for Submission: Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities

Here it is, folks. The call…:


Make sure you also check out the basic guidelines for submitting stories: http://www.hplmythos.com/guidelines_com.htm

Most of the site is now updated, btw, but a few links don’t work yet. But I’m getting there. Now I must go get some sleep, though… More later…:-)

Still here

I apologize for being silent these days. I have not lived up to my own goal of writing no later than on a Monday. So-called “real life” has demanded my attention more than usual. (Well, actually, it is not that uncommon, but I have gotten better at prioritizing well & balanced;-))

At least it now seems that I may be able to update the rest of the .com website. Hopefully over the weekend, but since we are also throwing a family birthday party for our daughter during the weekend I may not get around to make an official update before Monday. I can tell you already, though, that most of the behind-the-scenes work has now been done. I just don’t want to put things up one small piece at a time. Instead there will be a larger, all-around and more uniform update now.

Don’t expect the overall design of the site to change, though. That won’t happen this time around. I do hope it will happen some time during 2011, though. Here and now what we’re talking about is updates of the links/individual pages of the site as it is at present. (Some of the links need to actually work.)

And, yes, one of those updates is a Call for Cth… erh… for Submissions. I will start to look for stories for hplmythos.com Vol. 2, Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities. And yes, there will be Guidelines as well.

I am at present also back at work on some book cover ideas. While I wait for the mss. being proofread somewhere else in the World as I type this.

So much brewing. Just below the surface. Like the calm before the storm.

hplmythos.com Updated… Sort of…

Okay, just a brief and somewhat frustrated message to anyone who wants to know:

The English site, hplmythos.com, is now updated. For some weird, unknown reason, however, I can only upload the index page (the front page) and the “forthcoming” page. Sigh.

But you will see the rest of the updated pages as soon as I get things sorted out!

Enjoy your weekend. I know what I’m gonna work on:-P

2011 Starting Up

Okay, I still need to seriously update the .com website. I know. But here’s a brief update of what’s currently going on with the English publications forthcoming from H. Harksen Productions:

-Today copies were made of A4 sized promotion material for the scholarly work by John D. Haefele, A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos. A work that will change people’s view on the Cthulhu Mythos and Derleth’s part in it. Seriously. The PR material was created for the MythosCon later this week. Looked good, if I do say so myself;-) (Thanks to Martin Andersson for helping out.)

We hope for a release in February.

-I await the final proofs of the ms. to John Mayer’s exciting Hex Code and Others. So close to be ready for the press…

-And last, but not least, I await the results to the cover for Paul Mackintosh’s beautiful poetry collection, the first of its kind from H. Harksen Productions.

So 2011 is off to a good start!

(P. S. This was typed from a cell phone, so forgive me if an occasional too-weird spelling or such slipped in. It’s not easy typing longer texts on these small wonder machines, I tell ya!)