Still here

I apologize for being silent these days. I have not lived up to my own goal of writing no later than on a Monday. So-called “real life” has demanded my attention more than usual. (Well, actually, it is not that uncommon, but I have gotten better at prioritizing well & balanced;-))

At least it now seems that I may be able to update the rest of the .com website. Hopefully over the weekend, but since we are also throwing a family birthday party for our daughter during the weekend I may not get around to make an official update before Monday. I can tell you already, though, that most of the behind-the-scenes work has now been done. I just don’t want to put things up one small piece at a time.¬†Instead there will be a larger, all-around and more uniform update now.

Don’t expect the overall design of the site to change, though. That won’t happen this time around. I do hope it will happen some time during 2011, though. Here and now what we’re talking about is updates of the links/individual pages of the site as it is at present. (Some of the links need to actually work.)

And, yes, one of those updates is a Call for Cth… erh… for Submissions. I will start to look for stories for Vol. 2, Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities. And yes, there will be Guidelines as well.

I am at present also back at work on some book cover ideas. While I wait for the mss. being proofread somewhere else in the World as I type this.

So much brewing. Just below the surface. Like the calm before the storm.


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