Work & Writing — Part 2

Just a brief post: I don’t have time to write a post this week either:-( Ain’t work grand? That is, not today anyway, nor tomorrow. With a little luck I’ll have time to write something when the weekend’s here. We don’t have a lot of plans in the household, thank the Old Ones.

I have quite a few things I’d like to share, don’t you worry. That’s not the problem. It’s Time that’s teasing me…

Work & Writing

I am steeped in the infamous “real life work” these weeks. Okay, yes, that’s not so uncommon, in fact, I am most of the time. But this month more than usual, okay? First-time job, you know. That kind of job is always pulling out teeth, in my experience. By the end of this week things will have settled to a more breathable level–so from next week I should (!) be able to write longer and more interesting blog posts again.

Phew, I am tired. Do you know that feeling? Thinking back, though, I remember having written quite a score of stories (and who knows how may burning poems?) precisely because I was steeped in work. And have produced fine layouts and suchlike for some of the publications for H. Harksen Productions. A need to be creative in the face of daily, boring, tedious work perhaps? Probably.

Admittedly, the work I am doing these days (lecturing on Medical Theory of Science) isn’t exactly boring or tedious–far from–but I still need to find a way for the creativity to be released… Soon…

Hm. Perhaps my post next time will discuss that, in light of horror tales and HPL?

I love that creativity has so many faces… Or masks… Yeah, okay, and tentacles too;-)

Update News

Okay, this one will be very brief. Here’s how things are looking so far with the three publications closest to publication:

  • Paul Mackintosh: Musical Box of Wonders. This paperback poetry collection now has a very beautiful, tasteful cover designed (I will share it soon). When I have completed the final layout details it’s set to go. We are hoping for a release date in time for Paul to bring copies for the Hong Kong International Literary Festival taking place March 8-March 18.  PUBLICATION: Late February/early March 2011.
  • John D. Haefele: A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos. John is writing the final touches, adding new discoveries. This is really going to be a huge step in Derleth scholarship and a very important addition to the Derleth & Cthulhu Mythos debate (which is not over, as can be seen when read this book). I am now working on a cover idea that I think is in the right direction. I think you’re going to like it. Still hardcover PUBLICATION: March/April 2011.
  • John Mayer: Hex Code and Others. John is looking at the final proof reading suggestions, as I write this. Still hardcover. PUBLICATION: March/April 2011.

That’s it for now.