Comments in the Blistering Sun

The sun is shining on Denmark with a vengeance these days. I’ve never been much of a “sun dweller” person, but this year I like it — even if I still have to retreat into the partly colder shadows when it gets too hot.

I feel sad for the easter bunny. Must be hard in this weather… Good thing its job is now over, eh? Hopefully it sleeps cozily in some nice, temperate rabbit hole far from the dangers of the World and its burning light.

When it comes to publications from H. Harksen Productions quite a few numbers of new projects will see the light of day, crawling forth from the shadowy recesses of the weird rabbit holes (okay, okay dhole holes) infesting the surface of the Earth. Some of them, however, turn out to be a little more resistant to prodding than initially thought. So here’s a quick update:


  • Paul StJohn Mackintosh: The Musical Box of Wonders (paperback, poetry) CHECK. You can buy this fine collection of beautiful poetry here: . It will soon be found on and other venues as well. Also, PR material has been sent to various venues, so let’s cross our fingers for reviews, eh?
  • John Mayer: Hex Code and Others (hardcover, fiction). We are still waiting for the tinal proofs to the title novella of this macabre collection of weird tales. The rest is in house now. A May/June release. It is a collection worth waiting for, I can tell you. Don’t you worry about that! The stories as well as the artwork… Wow…
  • John D. Haefele:  A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos: Origins of the Cthulhu Mythos (hardcover, non-fiction). I have received the first batch of the final ms. from John. And the outline for the cover has also been created. Looking good. So things are progressing just as planned. Still aiming for a June/July release.
  • Glynn Barrass & Ron Shiflet: Two Against Darkness (title subject to change?) (paperback, fiction).  Eldritch Noir, written in a hardboiled Raymond Chandler style, and with the two protagonists embroiled in investigating the Cthulhu Mythos. This has everything from Herbert West to the King in Yellow. Tentative schedule: September 2011.
  • Ron Cartwright: Darktowne (paperback, fiction). This grim, pulpish & hellish collection of interconnected stories is scheduled for publication in October 2011. Pulp, dark, hellish — and with a Mythos element here and there… What’s not to like?:-)

I hope to be able to publish Vol. 2 in the anthology Series, Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities late 2011, but it’s too early to say something specific yet. It’s still open for submissions btw! Check it out here:

Either way — that’s quite a packed and exciting publication schedule, wouldn’t you say?


  • Thomas Strømsholt: De underjordiske. Gotiske fortællinger og sære historier (paperback edition, fiction). May/June release.
  • Henrik Sandbeck Harksen (ed.): Dystre Danmark 2 (paperback, fiction anthology). Tentative publication schedule: August 2011. Still open for submissions:
  • Henrik Sandbeck Harksen (ed.): Vol. 3 in the popular Danish Series (no title yet) (paperback, fiction anthology): Fall/Winter 2011.

The websites will be updated appropriately later this week. You read it here first. I may have a surprise or two in store — but they will most likely not see publication before early 2012. And they are a secret… yet…;-)

So, you can see — the rabbit hole is quite alive with… things

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