Hex Code, Illustrations and Other News

From THE HEX CODE AND OTHERS (H. Harksen Productions 2011)

Text: A few homeless people looking for handouts had drifted down into the Old City from the shelter up on Gay Street, but when a prowl car rounded the corner they vanished almost as if by magic.

This is one of the illustrations you can find in Hex Code and Others by John Mayer. John has drawn all illustrations himself and is, obviously, also the writer of the stories. Publication: Late May or in June, depending on when we get the final proofs in (we’re only one short now). You can see I wasn’t kidding, right? The artwork really is of an extraordinary quality. Yes, this book has been a long time coming (John and I first started swapping e-mails about the title novella almost four years ago, I think it was) but any connoisseur of pulp, weird fiction and horror tales will find the wait well rewarded, I am sure. Gleefully dark stories and good artwork to accompany it.

It seems I have also secured help for illustrations of Vol. 2 in my hplmythos.com Series, Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities. Another great step forward to making what will most likely be an even better anthology of Lovecraftian & Cthulhu Mythos tales than Vol. 1, Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales. (Hopefully there’s also a deal on cover artwork soon.) I have already received tons of submissions, and many of them not just good but very good, so it’s a tough competition, but you’re more than welcome to submit a tale of urban darkness — but don’t wait, deadline is May 15, 2011. I will e-mail all who have submitted a tale in June. And post a ToC here, of course;-)

For more information: http://hplmythos.com/submissions_com.htm

Last, but certainly not least, the stories to be included in my Danish hplmythos.dk collection (notice the difference, eh? .dk = the Danish anthology; .com = the English language anthology;-)) have been chosen. I have e-mailed all who submitted, and will post a ToC either later today or tomorrow. And yes, yes, I will try cooking up a title for this volume soon.

That one will be illustrated by the very talented Tom Kristensen, btw. Anyone interested in checking out his artwork should buy a copy of the fourth issue of the ‘zine Nyarlathotep published by Thomas Winther. (See here: http://www.hplovecraft.dk/nyarlathotep.php#N4) The main bulk of the issue is one of the most atmospheric comic book versions of HPL’s “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” I have ever seen. And yes, English speaking readers can safely buy a copy as well, since Tom’s adaption is a “silent movie” treatment.

Intriguing, right?


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