My Storefront On & Other Updates

I apologize for the silence here on the blog. This odd thing called “real life” has demanded my attention. I won’t bother you with details.

In any case I was thinking perhaps the following news would be of interest to you:

  • While it annoys me quite a bit that Paul StJohn Mackintosh’s excellent poetry collection The Musical Box of Wonders still hasn’t shown its beautiful cover face over at (apparently there’s been a huge delay) I can tell you it’s still very much available over at my Lulu Storefront. The same goes for my other English publications, of course — John D. Haefele’s fine monograph August Derleth Redux: The Weird Tale 1937-1971, Dan Clore’s wonderfully dark The Unspeakable and Others (I remind you that this is illustrated by none other than Allen Koszowski), and let’s not forget the first Volume in the Series, Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales. You can also read more of these books at, of course;-)
  • Speaking of websites… My webmaster and I have started working on a total revamp of the whole website situation. When I started H. Harksen Productions back in 2007 it made sense to have the two sites, and In a sense it still does, but my publishing projects nowadays count far more books not in the hplmythos Series so it has turned into quite a bizarre monster to behold… Too bizarre. So some time this Summer you will see a shift to an official H. Harksen Productions website surface. This will then be the main site — and will be with a much needed, improved buying cart and more. The hplmythos sites will still exist, of course, but they will revert to being what they were supposed to be from the beginning: Specialized sites for the hplmythos Series (two Series close to my heart that I intend to publish at a faster pace than what has so far been the case). And yes, when that happens they too will get a face-lift.
  • Unfortunately the two books I have earlier told you would see publication in June or July will not see publication this side of August after all. John D. Haefele keeps digging up new, important material for his scholarly A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos: Origins of the Cthulhu Mythos, so it will be published for the Christmas Season 2011 instead. It’s going to be the largest book ever from H. Harksen Productions — in more than one sense of the word… As for John Mayer’s Hex Code and Others, we are still waiting for the final proofs of the title novella. The rest is ready to go, though, so you may see me write news of this book’s publication sooner than you’d expect;-) Before anyone start yelling to “just publish it” (we can all be impatient when it comes to books we just neeeeeeed) I want to say that one of the lessons I’ve learned is that a good proof editing is worth gold. While the result I have already is good, these finer detail corrections will make everything top-notch. And who wouldn’t want that, eh?
  • Ran Cartwright’s Darktowne and Two Against Darkness by Ron Shiflet & Glynn Barrass are still on schedule.
  • Still no specifics re. publication of Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities, the 2nd Volume in my Series. This depends on what deadline deals I can make with the artists. I’ll keep you posted. I know many of you are eager to see this one in real life (so am I!) but I want this too to be a top-notch work all the way through, so the wait will be worth it.
  • The paperback publication of Strømsholt’s Danish De underjordiske is on schedule, and is officially published this Thursday, June 30. It’s going to be exciting to see if there will be some buzz in the newspapers… If any of you see a review, please tell me. In any case, for the first time ever I have managed to make a deal with local book stores here in Odense, so just about all of them will have the book on their news stand June 30! If any of you live in Odense I urge you to go and buy it from them; show them this is worth it!
  • And now a little teaser… Already now I have two major book projects in Danish planned for 2012: One with the title Pix, and one with the title Ondskaben fra Alhambra. The former will be quite an interesting short story anthology and the latter will be the first novel publication from H. Harksen Productions.

That’s it for now.


2 thoughts on “My Storefront On & Other Updates

  1. Looks great with all the projects!

    “Ondskaben fra Alhambra” – could that be a novel by Strømsholt? Or is the author a secret for now? 😉

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