MrWilum: Mr. YouTube Extraordinaire!

I am sure most of you have heard about one of the finest weird fiction writers of our time, W. H. Pugmire. He is one of the few who have managed to carve out his own niche on the basics of the writings of Grandpa himself, H. P. Lovecraft. He has a very personal vision, even if there is also a clear link to HPL, Oscar Wilde and other Pugmire favourites. On top of that he is a gentleman. He is a Lovecraftian in the finest sense of the word. He has been a writer for quite a number of years, but in later yeras he seems to have reach a new, larger reader public — much deserved. Among his latest titles I can mention The Fungal Stain and Other Dreams (2006, Hippocampus Press), Weird Inhabitants of Sesqua Valley (2009, Terradan Works) and the aesthetic über-publication of them all, The Tangled Muse (2010, Centipede Press). The latter is a little out of reach for my pocket but I have a copy of the other two — and it really is some of the most decadent, poetic and dream-like strange writing you can find nowadays. The man is authentic.

He is also quite the TV man! Don’t believe me? Then I urge you to check out his vlogs over on YouTube. He goes by the name MrWilum, and he is very generous with new material pertaining to all things Lovecraftian and weird writings.

Here’s a link to a vlog recording where, apparently, reading John D. Haefele’s monograph August Derleth Redux: The Weird Tale 1937-1971 (published by yours truly) had him contemplating on August Derleth and his reputation:

Thank you for being you, Mr. Pugmire.

6 thoughts on “MrWilum: Mr. YouTube Extraordinaire!

    • I agree, Michael. He ranks among the best – up there with, for instance, Thomas Ligotti. A very different kind ofof writer, of course, but in the same league nonetheless.

      • Mr. Ligotti would be my choice for comparison, as well.
        But, “Professionalism”, though an admirable trait when found amongst the merchantile classes, can be a mixed blessing when pursuing the Luminescent Aether.
        Take the subcomponent, “productivity”; how often has it not been a cancerous growth on the buttocks Pegasi?

        M. pugmire has little to be ashamed of.

  1. Professionalism is a good thing if, in its pursuit, we write the finest prose of which we are capable. But as far as markets go, I have no interest in professionalism, to have publishers dictate what I should write and in what narrative voice. Like Sid, I wanna do it myyyyyyyyyyyyyy way…………….

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