The Future: 2012 Books… Planned…

Much has happened over the Summer and into September… It’s a good thing not all of it has been bad;-)

One of the very good things is that 2012 seems to be fully booked already. That’s a new one for me — but a wonderful situation, of course, already knowing what books to publish over the next year and a half.

Here’s a list:


  • Henrik Sandbeck Harksen (ed.): Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities, Vol. 2 (paperback, fiction). January 2012.
  • Franklyn Searight: The Eltdown Shards (paperback, fiction). Collecting for the first time ever all Cthulhu Mythos “Eltdown Shards” tales in one volume. Incl. letter excerpts from Richard F. Searights to his correspondent H. P. Lovecraft, and tales by the Searights, William Lumley and H. P. Lovecraft. Quite a collection for the collector. Franklyn Searight has published stories for years, incl. Lair of the Dreamer (Hippocampus Press, 2006). The volume titel may change. Spring/Summer 2012.
  • Henrik Sandbeck Harksen (ed.): Whisperers in Darkness (paperback, fiction). Anthology of tales inspired by H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Whisperer in Darkness”. I will open for submissions later in 2011. Summer/Fall 2012.


  • Henrik Sandbeck Harksen: Pix (paperback, fiction). Anthology of all-new stories by established and new-coming horror writers in Denmark, featuring modern takes on gothic horror and the weird. Title subject to change. Publication Summer 2012.
  • Mads Højmark Jensen: Ondskaben fra Alhambra (novella/novel). Publication date second half of 2012.

There’s also a couple of “maybes” but I won’t say more about those ’till everything’s been settled. Either way, this doesn’t look bad, now does it?:-)

Last, but certainly not least, we’re still working on that new website for H. Harksen Productions. This will hopefully see fruition already this year, 2011, but it is taking longer than anticipated. Until then and are still the sites to use;-)


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