Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities (hplmythos.com Vol. 2) Update

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post today, Vol. 2 of the much anticipated hplmythos.com Series, Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities, is scheduled for publication January 2012. I could probably publish it earlier but I want the result to be worthwhile — so I am going for the safer bet. The stories deserve the best possible design etc., and not something rushed through.

Here’s an updated Table of Contents:


  • “Dancer of the Dying” by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
  • “The Neighbors Upstairs” by John Goodrich
  • “Carcosapunk” by Glynn Owen Barrass
  • “Architect Eyes” by Thomas Strømsholt
  • “Slou” by Robert Tangiers
  • “Ozeelah’s Lake” by Morten Carlsen
  • “The Statement of Frank Elwood” by Pete Rawlik
  • “In the Shadow of Bh’Yhlun” by Ian Davey
  • “The Screamer” by Ted E. Grau
  • “Night Life” by Henrik Sandbeck Harksen
  • “the guilt of each … at the end…” by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Believe me, it’s worth the wait!


4 thoughts on “Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities (hplmythos.com Vol. 2) Update

    • @Jayaprakash: Hehe. I think your story is an excellent one (as are the others), and looking at the overarching themes in the stories accepted it seemed right to me that yours should be the one opening the party;-)

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