Darktowne by Ran Cartwright: Update

Prepare for the mayhem…

Things are going well with the preparation for Ran Cartwright’s Darktowne. The proofreading is now done, and soon the typing is also done. As you’ve already seen the cover is also more or less finished. The keyword here is “more or less”…

Not only will I make a few, minor changes to the cover, I have also requested from the artist Allen Koszowski a file in higher resolution. You see, I am not sure it will work flawlessly with the file I have on hand now. He has kindly replied that he will send me one — but he cannot do so before the coming weekend.

That’s very understandable, of course, but it also means that the book will be a little delayed. So expect publication early October instead of late September. After that I will begin work on Hex Code and Others by John Mayer (hardcover) and Two Against Darkness by Ron Shiflet and Glynn Barrass (paperback).

It’s getting close. For now — prepare for the mayhem… of Darktowne.


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