Ready for the coming year of the Apocalypse: 2012? Welcome to Darktowne…

Well, well, well. In spite of the delays and interruptions of the most annoying kind publications from H. Harksen Productions have now resumed again.

Yes, that’s right, Ran Cartwright’s Darktowne has now entered the world, eager to wreck havoc and, well, simply misbehave in the most hellish way imaginable. (The odd white lines on top and bottom of this picture are not present in the final product, don’t you worry.)

As you know, it is now New Year’s Eve, and therefore I don’t have much time right now to tell you much more. But I can tell you that January 2012 will see the spawning of more than one horror book.

In a minute I will write a similar post promoting the latest Danish publication, Dystre Danmark 2, but I will leave you with the blurb to Darktowne:

Welcome to Hell on Earth.

It all began on a hot August afternoon in Mill Creek Park. That’s when the mad slime from the sky infected its first victim. Jamie George was the first – but he wasn’t the last. Oh no. Soon nightmares are taking over the city. The streets are burning and cries of horror cut through the night. Unspeakable creatures of the shadows prey on all who happen to cross their path. The dead are walking, ready to feast on the living. And behind it all something even more monstrous is lurking.

Blood whores. Demons. Ghosts. Vampires. Witches. Zombies. Mutants. The mad. They are all here for the party. Do the few citizens who still resist the tide of horrors stand a chance? Welcome to Hell on Earth – welcome to Darktowne.

What better way to end the year 2011?;-)

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