Words From A Weird Publisher and Writer: Mission Statement & Resolutions

(Far below the fertile soil of Denmark, somewhere in the region of Odense. Voices in a forgotten and, it is commonly believed, abandoned dungeon.)

Hello, you. So… This is where you are these days. How cozy. How are you?

Oh? It’s you? Hi Me. ‘Tis been been a long time, so very long. I am fine, thank you. Far better than I’ve been for a long while, thanks for asking. I will pull myself together. Things are looking so much better these days. I promise to do better, and to actually follow through on the various publication dates and suchlike. In exchange I hope that you will support me, helping me reach that goal many-fold from then on.

That’s good to hear. I am very happy to hear such good news. Truly, I am. And yes, I certainly will. If you keep your end of the bargain, I will keep mine. So — when can we expect to see you again, up above? People are wondering, you know. They are worried, and wild speculations are starting to take the place of facts; rumors strangling empirical evidence.

Yes, yes. I suppose that makes sense. I suppose I can understand that. Well… It so happens that I have just outlined the outline for what I will do from now on. In fact, I was just scribbling down notes on what I want to do the rest of the year 2012.

2012? This year? How interesting. Please — enlighten me.

Well, yes of course. It’s here… [a nervous rattling of paper is heard] Here. See.

Please. Read it for me. Verbalize it. Make it come alive.

Oh. Erh. Ok. [A slight cough.]

In 2012 I want to catch up with the publishing of the projects that have been lying dormant for too long, just waiting to surface. This includes:

  • Two Against Darkness by Glynn Barrass and Ron Shiflet (cover is complete; only the final typesetting is missing). Early March 2012.
  • Hex Code and Others by John Mayer (cover is complete; only the final typesetting is missing). March 2012. Hardcover btw.
  • Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities, Vol. 2 in the hplmythos.com Series edited by me, Henrik Sandbeck Harksen (cover is almost complete; and only a little editing and final typesetting is still needed). End of March 2012. Same format as Vol. 1 btw.
  • A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos: Origins of the Cthulhu Mythos by John D. Haefele. A huge hardcover publication. John keeps digging up gold and gems from the past, but we will soon settle on the final — final! — publication date. It has been postponed quite often now, but I believe that the result will amaze readers. This book will, in my opinion, stand tall and proud alongside S. T. Joshi’s championing of H. P. Lovecraft, giving August Derleth a more appropriate place in the annals of weird fiction and publishing history. Hopefully we can agree on a publication some time in the Summer of 2012.
  • Lovecraftian Covens by Franklyn Searight, son of Richard F. Searight, a correspondent of H. P. Lovecraft and a Weird Tales writer. Guess who the protagonists are;-) Franklyn Searight is, as many already know, quite an accomplished weird tales writer himself. Fall 2012. And soon after we plan to reveal this:
  • Those Abominable Eltdown Shards by Franklyn Searight, Richard F. Searight, H. P. Lovecraft, William Lumley and others. Winter 2012.

Ok? Not bad, not bad. Sounds good, very good.

Thank you, Me.

You’re welcome, Myself. But what about Danish publications?

Oh. Yes, yes. That’s right…

  • Pix (title subject to change), edited by me, Henrik Sandbeck Harksen. A collection of modern gothic short stories, penned by some of the sharpest and grittiest Danish weird writers today. This is the first “by invitation only” for me, and I can’t reveal names yet. I gave each writer a unique challenge. The stories are being written as I tell you this. (One has already been handed in.)  This will be a very cool Danish collection. Quite something else. Late Summer 2012.
  • Ondskaben fra Alhambra [eng. “The Evil From Alhambra”] by Mads Højmark Jensen, the first full-blown novel from H. Harksen Productions. Mysteries and deaths in the heart Copenhagen — more specifically Frederiksberg — dig deeper into history and darkness than anything you’ve ever witnessed before;-) Winter 2012.


And that’s just the projects for this year, mind you, Me! And I admit that, especially, Alhambra may — just may — take a little longer before we can publish it (Mads wants to make sure it’s written well enough, so we don’t want to rush the publication), but the rest is already quite well on the way. All in all, that’s not bad for one year. There are also some meaty and, well, bloody fine projects for 2013, but, please, I want to focus on this year first. One thing at a time. That’s the only way to make sure I actually deliver. If there’s one thing I’ve now learned from publishing these 5-6 years it’s that.

That makes sense. An acceptable request, Myself. Granted.

Thank you. That’s quite a relief to know.

Now, I suppose I better leave you again, so you can get back to work. So you can keep your word.

(The sound of a cracking whip, followed by a mad scream. Then footsteps leaving, and then… only the odd sound of frantic scribbling on paper and incomprehensible mumbling of a mind long gone mad, down there in the forgotten dungeons.)


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