Book Shelf I


Thought I wanted to start a new feature on the blog: a snapshot of books on my shelves. Just for fun. It’ll be brief posts, focusing on a single author and where he is “nested” on the shelf.

This is my books by Danish horror author Steen Langstrup, whom I’ve been fortunate to get to know the last couple of years. As you can see he’s nested between Joel Lane (The Lost District is a brilliant collection of urban decay) and Tim Lebbon. Not the worst people to rub shoulders with, eh?;-)

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I did it. I actually did it — I managed to beat technology…



Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities is up now, and can be purchased straight from my store. ( etc. will be added later.)

“It’s alive! It’s ALIIIIIVE!

More news when I have rested. Incl. update on my website. Now to upload this post and copy it to Facebook etc. Damn, I am tired…

A strange but beautiful spawn has been born;-)


Grrrr… The upload of the URBAN CTHULHU file is slooooow… But, well, at least it is uploading; an improvement from last week… So here’s to hoping it’s done when I wake up tomorrow. Very late here in Denmark now.