I did it. I actually did it — I managed to beat technology…



Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities is up now, and can be purchased straight from my Lulu.com store. (Amazon.com etc. will be added later.)

“It’s alive! It’s ALIIIIIVE!

More news when I have rested. Incl. update on my website. Now to upload this post and copy it to Facebook etc. Damn, I am tired…

A strange but beautiful spawn has been born;-)


  1. That IS a nice cover. I tried to order this from my local Independent Bookstore a while back and was told it was not yet available. I take it publication is imminent? Received _Two Against Darkness_ VERY quickly and am greatly enjoying its delightful (in a creepy way) pulp flavor.

    • Hi Gerry,

      Thanks for your interest in these publications:-) I need to get the final things in place first, but yes, several of the books should come as ebooks later this year.

      • That’s good to read! I pretty much switched to ebooks after I got my book as a gift. Just found out about your books through the Lovecraft e-zine, and after checking out your Lulu site, saw at least 4 I’d like to buy when they become available in ebook format (maybe more). I subscribed to your blog, so I can keep track of that and about any new books.

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