Book Shelf III


This is my two Donald Wandrei hardcovers, nested between three The Year’s Best Horror paperbacks edited by Karl Edward Wagner (excellent collections) and one of my wife’s books, Mine egne vegne veje . Wandrei was a correspondent and friend of Lovecraft, and was a fine weird tales & science fiction.writer. Collossus is a beautiful short story collection published by Fedogan & Bremer. Dead Titans, Waken! is an even more beautiful (!) hardcover, published by the top quality company Centipede Press. It features the title story (for the first time published in this original version) and the recently discovered Invisible Sun. It’s a limited edition; mine is signed number 211 out of 300.

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4 thoughts on “Book Shelf III

  1. Nice, Martin:-) I imagine you’ve already read it as well. How’d you like it? I haven’t read more than the background stuff. Hope to read at least one of the two stories this year.

    Beauuuutiful book, that’s for sure.

  2. Alas — I haven’t had the time yet. But I read THE WEB OF EASTER ISLAND a few years ago and enjoyed it a lot.

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