URBAN CTHULHU: Amazing Review On Horror World!

Wow. Just… wow!

Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities (hplmythos.com Vol. 2) just got its first review. By none other than Brian M. Sammons himself! And it is praise from A to Z!

I haven’t gotten permission (yet) to quote the review — but here’s a link:


This tome is off to a good start. A huge thank you — to the reviewer, of course — but also to the authors and artists who helped weave this unique volume (in my humble opinion).

You can buy the book by clicking here.

Up next (besides working on new books;-)): Update on Fantasticon 2012. Another “wow” is in store…;-)


4 thoughts on “URBAN CTHULHU: Amazing Review On Horror World!

  1. Wow is right! An excellent review, from an excellent reviewer, about a truly excellent tome. Excellence all around! Thanks to Mr. Sammons, and thanks ever so much to you for putting this tome together, Henrik. I think it could be one for the ages.

    • That’s very kind of you, Ted. I hope so!;-) And thank YOU! Wouldn’t be such a cool book without you guys. Such thrilling stories. I am so honored to be the one publishing ’em.

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