Book Shelf VII


This time I am highlighting my books with the name of one of Denmark’s most talented horror writers on the spine: Jonas Wilmann. The latest, Frygt-filerne (Eng. “The Fear Files”), is on my to-read list this year (yeah, it’s an exclusive list, in order to keep the amount down to a realistic level;-)). I look forward to reading this, his first short story collection. If you read Danish, and want to read one of today’s most talented and exciting authors this is one you can’t miss! And he is nested well, as you can see, between Norwegian writer Jan Wiese and F. Paul Wilson.

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Book Shelf VI


One of my favorite authors outside the horror/weird tales field is Paul Auster. Not that I have read many but what I’ve read has been absolutely absorbing, and always food for thought. This is the few books of his in my possession. As you can see he is nested between Hans Christian Andersen (of course we have his stories in the household) and the Basque short story writer Bernard Atxaga (a fine gem of homely yet strange tales set in his home region).

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The #twitterhorror #story Experiment

Hm, I don’t know if my little experiment with writing a Twitter horrorstory worked… But it was interesting, and I learned a thing or two about a social media that I am not so familiar with (incl. that certain ways of writing things get warped by Twitter itself, so the outcome wasn’t what I’d actually written). So as a learning process, at least, it was worth it. Apologies to readers who didn’t “get it”;-)

If by any chance you’re curious and want to read the complete “story” (incl. response from one of my followers on Twitter, who played along — thanks Nikolaj Johansen!) just drop me an email to my personal email address:

henrikharksen (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please write “TWITTERHORROR” in the Subject Line, thank you.

Here’s the first tweet: 

Weirdest thing: unknown man stalked me on way home. “Must talk, urgent. I know you!” Safe home now. Scary guy. #twitterhorror #story