The #twitterhorror #story Experiment

Hm, I don’t know if my little experiment with writing a Twitter horrorstory worked… But it was interesting, and I learned a thing or two about a social media that I am not so familiar with (incl. that certain ways of writing things get warped by Twitter itself, so the outcome wasn’t what I’d actually written). So as a learning process, at least, it was worth it. Apologies to readers who didn’t “get it”;-)

If by any chance you’re curious and want to read the complete “story” (incl. response from one of my followers on Twitter, who played along — thanks Nikolaj Johansen!) just drop me an email to my personal email address:

henrikharksen (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please write “TWITTERHORROR” in the Subject Line, thank you.

Here’s the first tweet: 

Weirdest thing: unknown man stalked me on way home. “Must talk, urgent. I know you!” Safe home now. Scary guy. #twitterhorror #story

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