Hex Code and Others by John Mayer Out Now In Hardcover

Hex Code COVER_hardcover_FINAL_2_medium

As some of you have already noticed, John Mayer’s Hex Code and Others, our first hardcover outside Denmark, is now available in our H. Harksen Productions Lulu Store. And it so happens that from now and till December 14, 2012, there’s a 20% discount on all orders at Lulu.com. Just write “FELICITAS” at the check-out. Now that’s quite a deal!

In time it will also be available on Amazon.com and other big online retailers, but as always that takes a little longer. So grab this offer while you can:-)

Here’s the complete blurb, in case you’re still not convinced:

Where does the nightmare begin and reality end?

Chaos is about to take over the world. The armies of the Elder Gods and the Great Old Ones are ready for the final, epic battle. Can Darius and the Spectral Squadron save mankind from certain doom? How far will Darius go for the sake of fame and fortune? Will he risk the loss of a friend? Of his sweetheart’s love? Of his honor?

Is he willing to risk the existence of humankind?

One of the world’s most famous horror writers is dead, leaving his magnum opus unfinished. A dedicated fan is planning to finish the epic—no price is too high. What malignant spirit is curling upward from his whiskey glass? In the Wonderworld amusement park, secrets of the world’s most ancient mountains start to surface, and not all the screams in the park are of delight. An ivy-covered hall on a picturesque campus gives no hint of the torments visited upon the helpless creatures within.

Hex Code and Others features a novelette, three macabre short stories and four poems written by John Mayer, a new, exciting writer in the weird tale and pulp tradition. John Mayer is also the illustrator.

Sounds good, right? Here you go:-)


8 thoughts on “Hex Code and Others by John Mayer Out Now In Hardcover

  1. As soon as I knew that John Mayer has published this collection, I ordered the book, because I expected something special. After all, Mayer was Karl Edward Wagner’s close friend, so I guessed his own fiction would reflect that. I am not disappointed with the result. With his own voice and talent, John Mayer explores further the legacy of Wagner, but also brings back the ghost of HPL in the novella “Hex Code”. Expect stunning twists and articulate developments about the Cthulhu’s Mythos, based on computer science and quantum physics, through rich and attaching characters. This novella reached the level of the excellent “Strange Eons” by Robert Bloch in scope and interest. The other texts enclosed are equally good, my preference going towards “The Man Who Collected Wagner” which should appeal to every KEW fans in the world obviously. This is a mandatory purchase, Mayer being a new voice in fantastic literature from who I expect more texts like that in the future (and why not a Kane pastiche, John?)

    • Wow, that’s very kind words, Edouard, thank you very much. I agree with your comparison to Bloch’s wonderful pulp classic STRANGE EONS. High praise, yes, but deservedly so.

    • I am not a fan of horror but I was riveted by John Mayer’s words. The articulate unfolding of his characters throughout the stories in this book were “good readin’.” As a non-gamer, “Hex Code” was especially interesting to read and ponder the gaming possibilities.

  2. Thanks very much, Edouard (and Henrik). As it happens, I have met Robert Bloch, entertained him in my hotel room once (though he was really there to talk with the equally gifted Manly Wade Wellman). And, of course, it was one of his titles from which “The Man Who Collected Wagner” was cribbed. That title was, in a manner of speaking, assigned to me by Benjamin Szumskyj, an Australian editor who proposed a story about a fanatical Wagner fan, and I’ve happily stuck with it. Karl was a casual friend of Bloch’s, and, as you may know, they died the same year.

    I think a Kane pastiche might be a great idea, if VERY strict standards are maintained, but I don’t feel that I’m the one to undertake it.

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