What Is Happening?


I’m working on quite a few things. The main reason I haven’t posted something specific yet is that I want to be sure it’s something useful for you, something worthwhile, when you finally read it here.

If not today then tomorrow: A post about an interesting and unique offer to readers of H. Harksen Productions books (starting as a for-Danish-residents-only offer).

These are exciting times.

Sickness, Work… Where’d the Fun Go?


Hmpf, I’m tired of being sick — and getting tired of sickness in the family. I don’t blame anyone (I blame the weather, though, which has been cold and dark long enough here in Denmark, thank you very much) but changes are in order. Okay, World? I know you are, metaphysically speaking, a cold and uncaring Universe but enough is enough. I need to get back to the human kind’s folly: the love, the senseless passion, okay?

One of my passions is teaching. But having lived more or less all the time this February away from my wife and child because of lecturing in Copenhagen (spiced with some sickness once in a while, of course) it is good to now enter a new phase of the year, with a much healthier schedule this Semester. One that vastly improves the chances of getting back to my main two goals: publishing fine books by talented writers and writing my own dark stories.

Let the passion come to life. Stay tuned later this week…

Book Shelf XI


I’ve just completed this novel, Atonement by Ian McEwan… and I completely understand why it’s deemed a modern classic. Wow. (You can find my review over at GoodReads.com.)

It will not be the last book of his I read:-)

This unique novel is nested nicely between my small Ed McBain collection (Danish translations from years back, the closest is the Danish edition of The House That Jack Built) and the disappointing, but highly praised around the world, Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier.

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O Altitudo » Thomas Strømsholt Ex Occidente Publication

This is exciting news. As many of you know I consider the Danish weird fiction writer Thomas Strømsholt to be one of the best in the field, his mastery of the imaginary as well as the written word of extraordinary power. Unfortunately, except for a few short stories in the odd anthology (Urban Cthulhu:Nightmare Cities included), his work has been accessible only to Danish readers.

No more! The fine small press Ex Occidente now sells his first collection in English, O Altitudo. In an exquisite hardcover edition. And limited. So I urge you to run and order a copy while you still can. Either via Ex Occidente’s own site or via Strømsholt’s site. He’s even got a special offer, if you do that:-)


Well done, Thomas, well done.

A final note: yes, it’s delayed but I have a unique offer to Danish readers of books from H. Harksen Productions waiting in the wing. Wednesday, folks, Wednesday;-)