Sickness, Work… Where’d the Fun Go?


Hmpf, I’m tired of being sick — and getting tired of sickness in the family. I don’t blame anyone (I blame the weather, though, which has been cold and dark long enough here in Denmark, thank you very much) but changes are in order. Okay, World? I know you are, metaphysically speaking, a cold and uncaring Universe but enough is enough. I need to get back to the human kind’s folly: the love, the senseless passion, okay?

One of my passions is teaching. But having lived more or less all the time this February away from my wife and child because of lecturing in Copenhagen (spiced with some sickness once in a while, of course) it is good to now enter a new phase of the year, with a much healthier schedule this Semester. One that vastly improves the chances of getting back to my main two goals: publishing fine books by talented writers and writing my own dark stories.

Let the passion come to life. Stay tuned later this week…

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