From Cover To Cover (Inspiration & the Muse – Part III)

Mørkets troubadour front cover FIRSTtest_small


Here is the first, very rough outline to my own novel, Mørkets troubadour (eng. The Bard of Darkness), the first story in my Zombie Zane Tetralogy, coming this summer.

I’ve decided to share the progress of this cover. It may be of interest to some of you to see how such a piece of work can change and evolve (from time to time radically so).

I know, I know — “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But c’mon, seriously, a cover does influence us, whether we like it or not.  I dare say that unless we’re talking about a writer you are already familiar with and enjoy reading, chances are that the cover will have a major impact on your choice of new writer to read. I am not saying it’s the only influence (reviews, recommendations from friends etc. may be as important to you) but it’s still an influence.

I have worked quite a bit on this piece, especially the amulet. I build that one from the ground up on the computer. Hopefully you can’t see it but there are many layers involved in this one, simple illustration. I got to work with some techniques that I’ve never used before. But it does have a look that I like. Different from my normal stuff, but looking the way I want it to.

While I think I’m on track with the basic outline here, there are several things that most likely will be changed. But you’ve got to start somewhere:-) The amulet will stay (but how it stays, and where it will be, may very well change); the troubadour/monkish-like character will also stay (but in a completely different shape and size, this is only to have a visual of my idea). The rest… I am not sure. But still, I like the overall outline. The white background? On one hand I like it (it is wonderfully clean and without the “clutter” I often bring to covers, for good or worse;-)), on the other it may be too simple and “clean” for my taste.

Also, there’s the message to consider. What does this design tell people, the potential readers? And is it the message I want them to see?

If by any chance you have a minute I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. You can write it here, of course, but if you prefer I can also be reached on[at]

More later.

Thank you.

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