MØRKE GUDERS TEMPLER lektørudtalelse

Mørke guders templer forside_smallH. Harksen Productions’ første sword & sorcery fantasy antologi Mørke guders templer er

et rigtig vellykket bud på fornyelse af en subgenre, som fortjener sin plads i den danske fantasy-tradition. Bogen udfylder desuden et hul, da der ikke er megen dansk sword and sorcery litteratur.

Vi takker mange gange for en super positiv lektørudtalelse! Det fremhæves også, at bogen vil være velegnet til brug i folkeskolens ældste klasser, i forbindelse med tema om dark fantasy. Så er du folkeskolelærer, er du hjertelig velkommen til at kontakte forlaget: h.harksen.productions[at]gmail[dot]com. Vi tilbyder gerne rabat til klasseeksemplarer 🙂

For et lille forlag som H. Harksen Productions er gode lektørudtalelser af stor vigtighed — for de er de anmeldelser, som landets biblioteker nærlæser, når de skal vurdere, hvorvidt de vil købe en bog til deres afdeling. Og denne anmeldelse må siges at være rigtig god. Skønt.

Bogen kan selvfølgelig købes på forlagets hjemmeside, men er også at finde i andre butikker, f.eks.: SaxoGucca, WilliamDam.dk og Plusbog.dk. Den kan også let bestilles hjem i din fysiske boghandel, hvis ikke de allerede har den.

Du må også meget gerne skrive en anmeldelse, når du har læst den. Det er dem, som er med til at gøre andre læsere opmærksomme på bøger fra os små forlag. På forhånd tak 🙂

Those Dreadful Eltdown Shards – Cthulhu Mythos Stories

ELTDOWN SHARDS_front_smallLast Friday I published Those Dreadful Eldown Shards, a collection of short stories involving the menace of, you guessed it, those dreadful Eltdown Shards of Cthulhu Mythos fame:)

It is a collection that has been in the pipeline for some years, and it is finally here. I am very proud of this collection. It is, along with Lovecraftian Covens, a collaboration between me and Franklyn Searight. He is, as many of you already know, the son of Richard F. Searight, the man who conjured the Eltdown Shards and received much – and deserved – praise from his correspondent, H. P. Lovecraft.UNSPEAKABLE_Clore_front_thumbnail

The beautiful artwork gracing the front cover is created by none other than Allen K. I am honored that he granted me permission to use it. His work is outstanding and he is a master of macabre artwork. I first met him (online) when I was working on Dan Clore’s The Unspeakable and Others, a book that is loaded with his illustrations – a perfect match for Clore’s style. Check out Allen K’s website.

Want to know more about Those Dreadful Eldown Shards?

All the classic Cthulhu Mythos pulp stories where those dreadful Eltdown Shards appear.

The collection also includes new stories written by Franklyn Searight, son of Richard F. Searight, the inventor of the Eltdown Shards who corresponded with the horror master himself, H. P. Lovecraft.

“Despite their connection to the Great Race, some have suggested that the Shards could have been inscribed by the Elder Things and buried in England at a time when it was part of the great super continent known as Pangaea.” – From the introduction.

Why don’t you head over and see what classic Cthulhu Mythos pulp stories we have collected? Robert E. Howard, A. Merritt, Frank Belknap Long and, of course, H. P. Lovecraft – to name just a few of the classic pulp writers. That should give you a hint. And the two Searights, of course.

By the way, yes, the book will also be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc., in due time.


BLOWBACK_front_ebook_FINAL02A sizzling review of Paul StJohn Mackintosh’s cool and provocative weird fiction collection Black Propaganda (paperback edition) and, by extension, Blowback (eBook edition) can be read over at Metaphysical Circus Press.

A few quotes:

Mostly [the collection] reads as though some mad literary alchemist threw Lucien Greaves, Banksy, and William S. Burroughs in a blender and hit “liquefy,” or perhaps discovered the suicide note one of Lovecraft’s protagonists folded between the leaves of Beyond Good and Evil.

And —

…a scalpel, cutting deep, straight incisions to the obscenity at the roots of an inhumanity that requires no allegorical aliens to be perpetuated, though such constructs are a useful device by which to reveal its insidious presence.

What a great and detailed review. Thank you very much.

You can find this exciting book in H. Harksen Productions’ store, on Amazon, iBookstore and other of the big online venues.

Interested in knowing more? How about reading my words from yesterday?

eBook: BLOWBACK by Paul StJohn Mackintosh

BLOWBACK_front_ebook_FINAL02Yay, the very first eBook from H. Harksen Productions is out! Blowback, the weird fiction collection by Paul StJohn Mackintosh. You can, of course, get it in the Lulu store, but I see that it is also, already, available over at the iBookstore. That was fast, thank you Apple!

The book will also soon be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other favorite International bookstores. You will be update here on the blog, of course.

Want to know what kind of publication we’re talking about? Read on:

Weird fiction with a darkly sensual twist.

BLOWBACK delves deep into the dark, twisted roots of human nature and human sexuality. Using desire to dissect the delusions and dilemmas of will, choice and identity, this collection challenges genre boundaries and social conventions. Transgressive, confrontational, passionate, poignant, these sinister stories touch on every shade of black, from noir to the Lovecraftian cosmic abyss. Readers may be horrified, touched, tempted – never unmoved.

This is the first short story collection from noted British poet and weird fiction writer Paul StJohn Mackintosh. Few British writers have dared trace the borderlines between lust, insanity and terror so graphically since Clive Barker and J.G. Ballard.

Back in 2009, Ellen Datlow herself highlighted the Lovecraftian short story “The People of the Island” (originally published in Eldritch Horrors: Dark Tales) as a Honorable Mention in Best Horror of the Year Volume Two. So you know this is an author worth reading.

If you’re more into physical books, well, we can solve that for you as well. You can
find Black Propaganda in the Lulu store, of course, but also on Amazon (US)Amazon (UK), and Barnes and Noble, if you prefer those stores.

Hey, wait a minute! You may wonder. That’s two different titles. BLACK PROPAGANDA_coverTEST05Yes it is. And there is a good reason for why the eBook and the paperback version have different titles. But as you can see here, the cover is essentially the same — and the contents is the same as well.

Want to know more about the author Paul StJohn Mackintosh’s thoughts regarding the title change? Head over to Teleread.org and read his thoughts on the matter.

Believe me, Paul is a new weird fiction writer who we’re bound to see more of in the future. His voice is distinct, cutting-edge… And darkly erotic. You can’t ask for more.

On a final note: If you are in New York (yes, USA) on August 16 I suggest you go see and hear Paul himself read from the book. It takes place in the Bluestockings Bookstore, from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Read more about this exciting event here. You will be able to buy the book, of course — and get it personally signed.