BLOWBACK_front_ebook_FINAL02A sizzling review of Paul StJohn Mackintosh’s cool and provocative weird fiction collection Black Propaganda (paperback edition) and, by extension, Blowback (eBook edition) can be read over at Metaphysical Circus Press.

A few quotes:

Mostly [the collection] reads as though some mad literary alchemist threw Lucien Greaves, Banksy, and William S. Burroughs in a blender and hit “liquefy,” or perhaps discovered the suicide note one of Lovecraft’s protagonists folded between the leaves of Beyond Good and Evil.

And —

…a scalpel, cutting deep, straight incisions to the obscenity at the roots of an inhumanity that requires no allegorical aliens to be perpetuated, though such constructs are a useful device by which to reveal its insidious presence.

What a great and detailed review. Thank you very much.

You can find this exciting book in H. Harksen Productions’ store, on Amazon, iBookstore and other of the big online venues.

Interested in knowing more? How about reading my words from yesterday?

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