Coming Soon: THE GIRL WHO WALKED IN CIRCLES by Michael Minnis

GIRL WHO WALKED IN CIRCLES front cover04_small

Not the final cover design.

Much is happening behind the curtains.


Let me lift the veil a bit:

Next week will see the publication of The Girl Who Walked in Circles by Michael Minnis. Many Cthulhu Mythos readers have most likely read some of his stories in anthologies. “Salt Air”, “Al-Azif” and “Snuff Movie” have thrilled many a reader.

The Girl Who Walked in Circles is a marvelous collection of weird tales. And a varied collection. There are Cthulhu Mythos stories sure to satisfy the hungry reader, but you will also find Dreamlands stories and other tales of darkness.

Here’s the table of contents:

  • Those Whose Mouths Cannot Hold Their Tongues
  • Gordon Graham Gets His Apocalypse
  • Snuff Movie
  • Byob
  • High and Mighty, World-weary and Tragic
  • Flesh Box
  • Dinner With Lord O
  • The Girl Who Walked in Circles
  • Salt Air
  • The Tomb of Moebius
  • Folly’s Closet
  • Al-Azif

BLACK PROPAGANDA_coverTEST05And while you wait, why don’t you go check another Weird Fiction collection from H. Harksen Productions? Paul StJohn Mackintosh’s Black Propaganda can be found here. (E-book version, Blowback, here.)

I promise you that a Weird Fiction collection from H. Harksen Productions is worth your time.

The books can also be found on Amazon 🙂