H. P. Lovecraft i Sønderborg: Et kig ind i mytemagerens univers


Artist: Allen Koszowski. Used with kind permission.

I morgen, onsdag d. 20. februar 2019, kan man opleve mig, Henrik Sandbeck Harksen, underholde om H. P. Lovecraft og Cthulhu Mythos på Sønderborg Bibliotek. Arrangementet er gratis og starter kl. 16. Det foregår på engelsk.

Der punkteres myter. Du kan læse mere om det i JydskeVestkysten og på bibliotekets hjemmeside.


Photo: Bjarke, Nekropolis, Frederiksberg. Used with kind permission.

Måske ses vi? 🙂



Cover design: Henrik Sandbeck Harksen (not final)

This is what I am working on right now… A bumper of a hardcover book (350+ pages!) that is bound to change how scholars look at August Derleth, founder of Arkham House and a bookman unlike any other. Author and scholar John D. Haefele tackles the critiques thrown Derleth’s way since his death in 1971, and with data culled from thorough fieldwork he sets the record straight.

Whether you’re interested in the Lovecraft-Derleth debate (Lovecraftian vs. Cthulhu Mythos), Derleth himself (he was indeed an interesting, diverse person) or the history and direction of the weird tale and publishing in the 20th Century — this is the book to get!

With a preface written by none other than one of today’s finest Cthulhu Mythos writers, W. H. Pugmire.

In the Works

So, how’s it going with the books? Well, here’s a brief wrap-up of the situation today:



Seret” by John Mayer. For Hex Code and Others by John Mayer.



  • Hex Code and Others by John Mayer. I am back on track with this, which will be the first hardcover in English from me. It’s a beauty. I don’t expect any more glitches here, so it’s an August 2012 release.
  • A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos: Origins Of the Cthulhu Mythos by John D. Haefele. Just received the 200+ pages from John, and printed what I need to read the next week. Honestly, folks, this will change scholarship re. Derleth & Lovecraft. ‘Nuff said for now. Publication: October 2012.
  • Lovecraftian Covens by Franklyn Searight. Publication: November 2012.


BOOKS IN DANISH (written in Danish):

  • Pix. Novellesamling med moderne, gotiske fortællinger, redigeret af Henrik Sandbeck Harksen. Inkl. en CD med et nummer komponeret af Ras Bolding eksklusivt til denne udgivelse. Alt i alt en udgivelse ulig nogen anden i Danmark. Forventes udgivet i oktober eller november 2012. (Nærmere information følger snart, inkl. vedr. novellerne og forfatterne.)


Oh… Have I forgotten to mention that there will soon be a call for submission in the third hplmythos.com Series? A follow-up to the already very popular Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities. Theme? — Well, again the title says most, if not all: Whisperers in Darkness: New Horrors.

More on that one soon, here and on the website…

Stay tuned;-)