In the Works

So, how’s it going with the books? Well, here’s a brief wrap-up of the situation today:



Seret” by John Mayer. For Hex Code and Others by John Mayer.



  • Hex Code and Others by John Mayer. I am back on track with this, which will be the first hardcover in English from me. It’s a beauty. I don’t expect any more glitches here, so it’s an August 2012 release.
  • A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos: Origins Of the Cthulhu Mythos by John D. Haefele. Just received the 200+ pages from John, and printed what I need to read the next week. Honestly, folks, this will change scholarship re. Derleth & Lovecraft. ‘Nuff said for now. Publication: October 2012.
  • Lovecraftian Covens by Franklyn Searight. Publication: November 2012.


BOOKS IN DANISH (written in Danish):

  • Pix. Novellesamling med moderne, gotiske fortællinger, redigeret af Henrik Sandbeck Harksen. Inkl. en CD med et nummer komponeret af Ras Bolding eksklusivt til denne udgivelse. Alt i alt en udgivelse ulig nogen anden i Danmark. Forventes udgivet i oktober eller november 2012. (Nærmere information følger snart, inkl. vedr. novellerne og forfatterne.)


Oh… Have I forgotten to mention that there will soon be a call for submission in the third Series? A follow-up to the already very popular Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities. Theme? — Well, again the title says most, if not all: Whisperers in Darkness: New Horrors.

More on that one soon, here and on the website…

Stay tuned;-)

The Press The Press The Press

Yes, I am working on the next publication, John Mayer’s Hex Code and Others. The illustration you see here is from that book — in fact, the story that features, among others, one of the best horror writers in modern times, Karl Edward Wagner (1945-1994). Unfortunately unfortunate glitches pop up all the time, and I need to get them done before publication. Some of it has been related to the design program I use and some of it related to (the printing press I use, as you know, to reach readers outside Denmark, where I live:-)). And this weekend I was away from the computer to attend a family gathering — which must also be prioritized now and then;-)

And if you’re wondering why none of my English publications can be purchased from and Barnes & Nobles, well, I’ve been wondering the very same thing and have asked the printer why this is. I still await answer from the rest, but I’ve been told that Urban Cthulhu: Nightmare Cities should be available there within a few weeks from now. Until there you can get it right here:-)

Crossing fingers…