O Altitudo » Thomas Strømsholt Ex Occidente Publication

This is exciting news. As many of you know I consider the Danish weird fiction writer Thomas Strømsholt to be one of the best in the field, his mastery of the imaginary as well as the written word of extraordinary power. Unfortunately, except for a few short stories in the odd anthology (Urban Cthulhu:Nightmare Cities included), his work has been accessible only to Danish readers.

No more! The fine small press Ex Occidente now sells his first collection in English, O Altitudo. In an exquisite hardcover edition. And limited. So I urge you to run and order a copy while you still can. Either via Ex Occidente’s own site or via Strømsholt’s site. He’s even got a special offer, if you do that:-)


Well done, Thomas, well done.

A final note: yes, it’s delayed but I have a unique offer to Danish readers of books from H. Harksen Productions waiting in the wing. Wednesday, folks, Wednesday;-)