JULETILBUD 2013: Bøger fra H. Harksen Productions

Står du stadig og mangler et godt julekøb? Jamen, hvad med en bog eller to fra H. Harksen Productions? Det er gys og uhygge, som varmer i den kolde vinternat.

Du kan købe flere af forlagets danske bøger til særlige, nedsatte julepriser indtil jul. Det gælder både paperbacks og hardcover.


Det er da noget af et tilbud. So what are you waiting for?:-)

Se tilbuddene på forlagets hjemmeside.

(Tilbuddet gælder kun ved bestilling via forlagets hjemmeside.)

O Altitudo » Thomas Strømsholt Ex Occidente Publication

This is exciting news. As many of you know I consider the Danish weird fiction writer Thomas Strømsholt to be one of the best in the field, his mastery of the imaginary as well as the written word of extraordinary power. Unfortunately, except for a few short stories in the odd anthology (Urban Cthulhu:Nightmare Cities included), his work has been accessible only to Danish readers.

No more! The fine small press Ex Occidente now sells his first collection in English, O Altitudo. In an exquisite hardcover edition. And limited. So I urge you to run and order a copy while you still can. Either via Ex Occidente’s own site or via Strømsholt’s site. He’s even got a special offer, if you do that:-)


Well done, Thomas, well done.

A final note: yes, it’s delayed but I have a unique offer to Danish readers of books from H. Harksen Productions waiting in the wing. Wednesday, folks, Wednesday;-)

LOVECRAFTIAN COVENS by Franklyn Searight: Cthulhu Mythos delights!

ImageCover Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Cover design by Henrik Sandbeck Harksen.

Things are really moving forward here at H. Harksen Productions. This post is about the latest book published by me, only a few days ago. Other important updates will follow in the days to come:-)

I am exceedingly proud to announce that the Cthulhu Mythos pulp horror collection by Franklyn Searight, Lovecraftian Covens, can now be purchased via my Lulu Store. (It will, eventually, appear on Amazon as well, but not the first month or two.) Not only is it a superb collection of weird tales but it also features artwork by the amazing artist Allen Koszowski.

Here’s the blurb:

Two Correspondents In A Race To Save the World … and More Thrilling Horrors!

“Herein, you’ll meet a psychotic school teacher, the lineal descendent of Keziah Mason and obedient servant of mindless Azathoth; a group of youngsters attempting to bring about the return of Yog-Sothoth; a famed, bodiless detective who foils the devotees of Shub-Niggarath; Alan Hasrad on his cosmic odyssey and interview with the King in Yellow; a sentient altar awaiting the return of Tsathoqqua; Holmes and Watson investigating a severed tentacle the strangest Indian warrior you’ve ever seen, who has absolutely no sense of humor; Alan and his plan to summon the Warder of Knowledge; a rather nasty ex-con who unhappily meets the followers of Nyarlathotep.

“To round out these wicked and oft times dryly amusing morsels is Menace at Devil Reef, a lengthy novelette in which you’ll share the adventures of two of the most improbable characters ever to scamper through the pages of a Lovecraftian Mythos story.”

Franklyn Searight is the son of Richard F. Searight, Weird Tales author, inventor of the dreadful Eltdown Shards, and correspondent of H. P. Lovecraft.

(End of blurb.)

Now, doesn’t that sounds wonderful? I know, I know, I am biased — in so many ways — but I am also “just” a reader of the Mythos, and these stories honestly delighted me.

If this has caught your curiosity, you can purchase it straight from my  Lulu Store

The next days will see me post on other new, exciting things happening. Incl. a very special offer to Danish residents.

Stay tuned.